The evolution of the Internet and social media has revolutionized the sales and business development process from the old model of one-way messaging to real time conversations.  It started with an additional touch point  - a web site viewed on a computer – and has grown into multiple touch points: laptops, phones, tablets with the added accessibility of consumer reviews.  Your potential and existing customers are now connected at will.

Now, more than ever, business development is truly brand development.  More specifically, local brand development.  Even multi-national organizations strive to develop localized brands to meet the variances in culture and consumer expectations.

If you are not thinking about how this affects your marketing, messaging, and engagement, then you are missing out on opportunities to grow, or worse, you lack strategy and are spending loads of time (and money) with little or no return on your investment.

We Are Social’s Stefano Maggi published a great article titled “The Dynamic Customer Journey” that serves as a great primer on the topic of service design thinking for effective marketing and business development in today’s marketplace.

by We Are Social / Stefano Maggi