Communication Designs that Really Work
I take the time to learn about your business, evaluate the marketplace, and help you define your unique position within that market. Once we’ve determined what you want to express, I layer in the elements that really make your message resonate with your audience.

Looking out for You
Rest assured that I will evaluate how each effort, big and small, accrues into your over arching brand.  Equally important, I will be looking for opportunities for you to stand out relative to your competitors by meeting market expectations in an accurate and memorable way.

Our engagement may include any combination of the following:

  • Market Research
  • Evaluate Current Marketing Collateral
  • Develop New Marketing Collateral
  • Key Messaging and Brand Communications
  • Reputation Evaluation and Management
  • E-mail Marketing Strategies
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Print Ad Design

Professional Small Business Local Marketing Professional