One of the things I enjoy most about my job is that I get to learn about all kinds of businesses and organizations and what matters most to them.  Most of the time it’s about the customer experience, but this engagement stands out because this site was created for public education and protection.  This organization touches many, many lives and helps individuals regain their health and safety, yet there is no government or corporate funding.  Working with the Center for Electrosmog Prevention opened my eyes to some hard truths about consumerism, corporatism, the massive information war going on between those with lots of cash and those with very little, and where my work falls in this mix.

Regarding the site itself: it was important to do this economically and to set them up with a system that can be easily updated and organized to show chronology of events.  We accomplished this by utilizing a powerful blogging platform with emphasis on content organization.  I think we arrived at a nice balance, though I’m sure this site will evolve over time.  The great part is that this platform can expand as organizational needs expands.

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