Abstract Artist Judy Cox is joy to work with.  We’ve been working together since the late 1990′s – ever since I unexpectedly found myself in her home there to assist her with some other computer problems and was blown away by her art.  I instantly knew I would be purchasing a canvas for myself.  When she mentioned that she  wanted to put her paintings online it was like heaven on earth for me.

This iteration is, I believe, our 4th web site to showcase her amazing talents.  Just as she continually evolves, the web site does as well.  The only frustrating hurdle that I had and continue to have is that it is pretty much impossible to capture the presence her paintings have in a photograph.  While I think we’ve done a pretty good job, art fans know that seeing a photo and experiencing the art in person are very different experiences.  Guess you will have to visit a gallery or her studio to know what I mean ;-)

 Talented Abstract Artist Judy Hintz Cox web site redesign